Make an Online Payment

The District of Barriere is now accepting payment with select credit cards through the OptionPay System.  This can be done online, or at the District Office (4936 Barriere Town Road, "The Ridge"). 

Payments can be made for: 

----Tax Payments - (***Home Owner Grants must still be submitted to the District Office prior to the tax deadline either in person, or by regular mail.**)

----Utilities (Water, Garbage, Sewer etc)

----Building Information Requests (BIR)

Please reference the "Tax Roll #" or "Utility/Sewer Account #", or "BIR #", when processing your payment online. 

OptionPay uses a tiered fee schedule with a minimum fee of $2.00.  For example: 

A full table can be viewed by clicking here
*Refunds can only be issued on the same day as the initial payment was made.